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Most companies nowadays use multiple third-party applications to power their business. From customer service to payment processing, from analytics to accounting software are all offered by different companies. The good news is that most companies don’t have to build their infrastructure from the ground up, but can simply integrate third-party services and APIs into their core applications.

This allows companies to narrowly focus on their core business and end consumer, and provide exceptional products and services.

But there’s one problem: managing scattered data.

Once your company’s application grows, pretty soon you will realize that you are using way too many third-party vendor apps and it’s extremely difficult to manage all the data coming from each app.

Let me give an easier analogy for this. Let’s say there’s no central heating station for your 3 bedroom apartment. Because of this, you have to install a heating system for each room separately and at the end of the month, you calculate how much electricity you spent in each room individually and pay. You may think it’s not too bad and doable but imagine a scenario in which you live in a 100 bedroom castle. Good luck with the calculations.

The same is true in the software world. Once you start using many different apps, your pipeline of data grows and you need a central station where you can process all the data and make good decisions. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

But you may say, this is a too technical task and I can’t do it. Well, what if I said there is a solution and all you have to do is to push a button a few times and all your data pipeline is connected in one place?

Introducing Mozart Data. It’s an end-to-end data stack platform that connects all your third-party app data in one place in minutes. No coding required, easy to set up, and saves tons of money for your organization. Currently, Mozart Data supports 120 data sources ranging from Salesforce to Stripe. You can learn more on their website and sign up for a free trial.

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